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We are a Reno law firm that prides itself on being fast-acting, and results-oriented. If you find yourself in need of legal assistance or feeling bullied by another attorney, you need more than a letter-writer. You need a lawyer who will give you prompt and courteous advice, who will explain the legal process to you, and who will advocate your rights each step of the way. You can rest confidently knowing that you're working with the best family law attorney Reno has to offer, who will make every effort to obtain the best possible result for you and your case.

Family matters can be some of the most difficult and personal to resolve. Fortunately, Jaymie Mitchell is among the few family lawyers in Reno you can trust to get your case resolved as amicably as possible. Please call our Reno office today to schedule an initial consultation with Jaymie. We look forward to working with you.
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Jaymie Mitchell Attorney at Law

Jaymie Mitchell is a proud family law attorney dedicated to serving the Reno area with compassion and care. Due to turmoil in her own life, Jaymie has gained a greater understanding of the hardships faced by families dealing with legal action. Thanks to this and her experience with family law, which started in 1999, Jaymie has helped hundreds of families in a variety of legal situations from divorce and custody to asset division and visitation. As a single mother, Jaymie realizes the importance of family and strives to provide the best representation to families in need. To do this, Jaymie focuses on building relationships with her clients, emphasizes the importance of communication, and provides honest and upfront legal advice.

When you meet Jaymie you will learn that she is an aggressive and effective attorney but also a caring and compassionate individual. Jaymie is very proud and excited to be assisting clients within her own practice.
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What to Expect From a Consult with Our Family Lawyer

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Step 1: Understand Your Legal Situation

To begin the legal process, you first need to fully understand the legal issues you’re involved in. We will address your specific legal situation, determine applicable legal claims, and answer any other questions you may have.
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Step 2: Know Your Options

Next, our Reno family lawyer will discuss the possible options for moving forward with your claims and legal case. Mediation will always be the first step in any family legal case, and if an agreement cannot be made, other options will be discussed.
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Step 3: Discuss Outcomes

Along with determining what options you have, you will be provided with a likely outcome specific to your case. This helps you better understand your situation and prepares you for future proceedings and claims.
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Step 4: Begin Legal Advisement

During this stage of the consultation process, Jaymie will advise you of your legal rights and what you are legally entitled to, This includes assets, debts, spousal and child support, social security benefits, retirement accounts, and more.
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