Hello there! Welcome to the new site of Jaymie Mitchell, one of Reno’s top family lawyers. With her years of experience as a Reno family law attorney, Jaymie Mitchell handles dispute, divorce, and child custody cases across Northern Nevada with compassion and conviction. 

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As one of the top family lawyers in Reno, she will advocate for you with confidence to deliver a favorable outcome that represents the best interests of you and your family. Whether you need to negotiate a settlement agreement, file an uncontested divorce, or even go to court, she will help you solve your legal problems in a fast, effective manner. Let Jaymie help you reach amicable negotiations and resolutions easily and painlessly. 

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Jaymie is a native Nevadan dedicated to serving the Reno area. At the age of nine years old, she announced to her family that she would be a lawyer. She kept her promise and never strayed from her goal. She graduated from the University of Nevada Reno in the Spring of 1999 with a degree in Criminal Justice and went on to graduate from McGeorge School of Law in 2002. Today, Jaymie is a proud family lawyer specializing in high-asset divorce cases, temporary protective orders, paternity action, custody, and visitation. Along with being a passionate family attorney, she also enjoys researching historical documents, spending time with her son, and visiting Lake Tahoe.

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Jaymie is a Reno attorney who has extensive experience with all aspects of family law. Below are the most common issues that Jaymie can assist you with.

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For more information on how Jaymie Mitchell Law can help represent your family today, connect with us! Jaymie is a family lawyer with passion and the desire to come to amicable resolutions that benefit families in all aspects of their lives. Schedule a Reno family attorney consultation with Jaymie Mitchell today!

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