How to Make the Divorce Process Easier

May 18, 2022

The title of this blog may seem like an impossible challenge for some , especially if you are feeling blindsided or impacted by a separation. It also does not help to hear statistics about how more than 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce within five years, or that 48 percent of marriages end by the twenty year mark.

Throughout emotionally difficult events like divorce and separation, there are ways to navigate your future in a practical way with a lawyer who is ready to work with you:

Get Your Finances in Order

Start looking at how things are going financially for you by gathering your tax returns and financial statements on all assets you own or debts you owe. Track your expenses and make sure to have a separate bank account and credit card in your name.  

Checking your credit score is a wonderful way to help you get started on potentially building your finances. Helpful online resources like Credit Karma and allow you to see credit standing and what can be improved. Gather these documents before meeting with attorneys to save billable hours. 

At one point during the divorce proceedings, you will need to create a financial affidavit to file with the court. Fortunately, , a Reno divorce lawyer like Jaymie Mitchell can help you with the process and ensure accuracy.  

Have a Great Support Team on Your Side

Sometimes it might seem like friends and family are being supportive with their advice, but it might cause confusion and unnecessary stress. Looking for an attorney who specializes in family law is beneficial, and will walk you through the exact process you you will need to follow. The three primary processes are mediation, collaborative or traditional litigation. Each has benefits and drawbacks for selecting the right fit for your family’s unique situation.

Once you and your spouse reach agreement you will sign a Marital Settlement Agreement, which details in-length all the parameters of your divorce. It is important to be smart about how to enforce the agreement, especially if you have to re-title any assets or remove names from established wills and trusts. 

What Will Stay and What Will Go

Find out what you want for yourself and what your ex-spouse wants too to make the negotiation process easy. Working together to oversee any financial difficulties, if possible, is a great way to keep conflict low and find common ground. The more your Reno family attorney understands about what motivates your spouse, the better positioned you will be to negotiate what you want from the settlement.

Help Your Children During a Difficult Time

Divorce can be a big source of stress and trauma for children, no matter how old they are. However, studies show that most children adjust well within two years following the divorce, while children with parents remaining in a high-conflict marriage have more problems than in those marriages that end in divorce.

During separation, parents should be supportive and keep children out of any conflict to prevent additional psychological and social problems. Children need time to cope with sudden change, and it can allow them enough time to process the change. Whether it is moving to a new home or a parent moving out, minimizing changes will be key. 

Look For the Positives and Hire a Professional for Assistance

Keep looking forward and be open to all possibilities for your future as you remain amicable and in charge of your emotions. If you have children, be sure not to make them choose a side or disparage ex-spouse when talking about the divorce. It is important to navigate through the personal and business aspects of your case while keep your feelings in check.

How much of your life and time are you willing to dedicate to your divorce? Making a clear choice is necessary when deciding how much to fight, negotiate, and settle. Every decision made will have financial, legal, and relational consequences for you, your spouse and your children. A psychologist, therapist or other trusted, yet impartial third party, can help with reaching a coordinated decision with less conflict. Psychologists also offer insight for children to cope better in the months and years following the divorce. 

Lastly, these professional services help you to deal with your own emotions, help you reflect carefully on what went wrong in your marriage and can also help you avoid repeating any negative patterns in your next relationship. 

Meet with our Reno Family Attorney

For more information on how Jaymie Mitchell Lw can advocate for you and accurately represent your family’s best interests, connect with us. Jaymie has years of experience as a family law attorney. She has the passion and the desire to help you reach amicable resolutions. Schedule a consultation with Jaymie Mitchell today and learn more about her available services

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