How To Protect Your Children During a Custody Battle

April 19, 2022

Divorce is hard for anyone at any age. It can be especially challenging for children to accept the fact that things in their family’s dynamic won’t be the same. 

Clinical psychologists report that many children experiencing their parents’ divorce feel they might be the root cause.

In order to avoid distressing them, reassure your children they are still loved and your top priority is very important during this transition period.  

Here are some tips for you as a parent to consider when discussing the impending divorce with your children:  

  • Honesty is key: As a TPO lawyer in Reno, Jaymie Mitchell says the best way to help children cope is to be honest with your children but not at the expense of criticizing your spouse.
  • Only share what’s important: Be informed when it comes to sharing information with your children about divorce and make sure not to overwhelm them. Family lawyers in Reno suggest that details should be age-aware, so younger children need a simple explanation when compared to teens.  
  • Make good behavioral choices: Don’t be upset with your children during the process, despite the considerable amount of stress that you and your former spouse may be going through. The feeling of stability is possible for kids, whether it’s through a routine or your own personal ability to remain consistent. 
  • Healthy expression of feelings: Lastly, children may feel that the separation is an intense loss, so helping them through the grief period or expressing their emotions is a healthy process to do. Children need both of their parents when growing up and so adults need to understand this fact. Make sure that they are in constant communication, whether it’s in person, over the phone, or on FaceTime. 

How to Prepare For a Custody Battle

Make sure to have a stable living environment, and in some serious cases, character witnesses to testify during a custody battle. Courts are not allowed to discriminate against a father in court, but mothers typically are awarded custody as they were the primary caregivers before a divorce. All in all, creating a plan with your divorce attorney in Reno NV to appear confident in court is the best route of action.

Make sure to take care of yourself as well, by seeing friends and family or joining a support group to discuss any difficult emotions you may be feeling as well. This will help you process things in a healthy way and let your children see this support system, too. 

A Reno Family Law Firm You Can Trust

Jaymie Mitchell is one of the top family lawyers in Reno thanks to her expertise in divorce, custody support, and temporary protective orders. Custody terms can be mutually agreed upon by the courts and are truly in the best interest of the children.

Learn more about how Jaymie can help you handle these personal matters relating to the dissolution of marriage and child custody by scheduling a consultation today.

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